Sprinkler system

Garden sprinkler controller

The Garden sprinkler controller

When we bought our house one of the first things I did was digging some PE hose in the garden because I wasnt planning to water the lawn by hand.
The Controller for the system had to have a serial port. So I could talk to it.It also had to show what it was doing. Later I got myself an Tuxgraphics ethernet board so now I can control on the sprinkler system with my phone. more about that later.

Functional description

When the push button switch is pressed a subroutine is called with valve number 1 and the open time in minutes. when the timer is running, and the button is pressed again, the system stops. When a "1" is received over the serial port, valve 1 is opened for 20 minutes. when 2 is received ....valve 2 ....and so on. Over the serial port you can start and stop individual valves. very handy when you want to show off your system.


This is The schematic . As you can see, not so difficult.


This is the Bascom Basic code for the AVR. The ATtiny 2313 is 94% full, but thats probably because of my crappy programming skills


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