LED fader

LED fader

LED fader with tricks

My brother Eric stuck some high powered RGB LEDs in his snare drum for eyecandy to use during Dutch carnaval. but the included controller just flashed some colors randomly which wasn't very attractive. So I asked him, wouldn't be nice to have a color change on every drum hit. ofcourse a stupid thing to say...I had a new project ;-)

Functional description

Every time PIND.3 is pulled down, a color step is started. So on every drum hit another color is shown. in the beginning it was a rainbow sequence, but this isn't very attractive because the color changes are too subtle. I changed it in an opposite colors sequence. If you stop hitting the drum, after 5 seconds it will show an heartbeat in red after 30 seconds or so that will change in a rainbow fade, and when that is done, it will blink white very annoyinly. after 20 seconds or so it will start with the heart beat again. Ofcourse when you hit the drum it will start the opposite color step sequence. All in all a nice light show.
use a piezo sounder as a microphone, that works great, inside a snare drum at least. Other microphones are far to sensitive. (thank's Frank)


This is The schematic .


This is the HEX code