Here we go


First thing to do, Clean up the mess in the shack left over from the previous project


WOW! That took me 2 years! :-)

I will try to write down some interesting things about the build

I started off designing the copter in Pro-Engineer, because it takes a VERY long time for stuff

to get from China to Belgium

When I started out, I had big plans of writing ALL the software myself

but that took to long and was SO MUCH work!

And I am not smart enough to code all the stuff which the guy's at DIY drones discovered you need, to keep that damn thing in the air.

Thats why I bought a Arducopter from DIY Drones.

Here is a rendering of the HEX.

I started out with the power distribution board

Thats the middle board seen in the above picture. I wanted to integrate the frame and the power distribution.

and that looks like this.

And it looks like this in real life

the other side has tracks running to the outside of the board

for the power connection to the battery

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