A 5 band trap antenna by ON9CVD.

After years of tinkering with antenna's it was time to build one that stays up for longer than a few months.
After some searching around on the internet I stumbled upon the pages of ON9CVD.

I liked this project so much that I decided to build this antenna.
Because I cannot make more than 100W I chose thin teflon coax.
Gaze in flabbergasted shock and awe at the result.

For the central part I bought the following parts with screwable end caps.
With the flat rubber gaskets this makes for a watertight container for the Balun/transformer.
and the unit stays serviceable.

For the traps I bought 2 45 mm tubes
and 4 45mm screwable end caps

In one of the 50 mm caps there will be a hole for the coax connector.
I chose a BNC connector so you dont need a large diameter drill.
In the bottom of the cap I placed a large washer in which I cut two slits
By bending the piece between the slits you have a nice solder tag.

This is how the transformer looks prior to assembly.

In The top part The eyes will be mounted.
Watch that you drill the holes a bit lower than the washer is high.
else the cap won't close nicely.

De 1:1 Balun will be mounted flat on the cap

on top of that the 1:2,25 transformer will stand. later it will sit snugly in the housing

another picture viewing into the central housing.

De trap.
drill the holes and coil the windings as mentioned
The hole are made water tight with neoprene glue.
Drill holes for the eyelets. Drill holes for the connection to the antenna wire.

Tuning the trap.
make some windings with your alligator clip test leads
to your function generator. Do the same with a few windings to you scope
Put the generator on 8.00MHz, and adjust capacitor inside for maximum amplitude.

This is how it looks in the garden

Because mother nature can photoshop also, this one for clarity


Beautiful !